March 7, 2012

Walking the talk about alignment

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For the past few years, we’ve been talking with our clients about alignment – when branding and communications align with the organization’s mission and connect with stakeholder’s values.

It’s not complicated: Listen closely to what the stakeholders are saying, and it will be clear what they are listening for.

We’re listening, and a few months ago started on a journey of re-alignment. 16 years ago when we started the firm, its name was Brian Sooy & Co., and for the past 5 years ago we’ve been know as Sooy+Co. From now on; we'll be known as Aespire®.

Not that I minded having my name on the firm, but it’s time to focus on our strategic process (Clarity™) and our product (helping our clients implement the recommendations that flow from the strategy). We’re not simply changing the name, we’re creating a new company, we’re reinventing ourselves.

I used to be really obsessed with success, but I want to strive for something greater. Now I'm more concerned with significance.

The next few weeks we’ll be chronicling the end of one path and the start of a new journey. Join us for the ride?

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