April 29, 2009

Brand continuity and the hidden touch points

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In any type of misson-drive comany or cause, establishing and maintaining continuity in the visible and invisible aspects of your branding is key to managing perceptions. Since you’re marketing aggressively and selectively during the current economic conditions (if not, you should be), you’re more likely to be aware of your messaging and perceptions that you want to project.

continuity and marketing touch points from AespireThink of continuity relative to your audience: what perceptions have they formed (experience) and what perceptions would you like them to form (messaging).

Now review every touch point, and talk with your customers about how they are experiencing your organization, and what perceptions they are forming. These touch points include your facility (when people visit), personal and phone auto-attendant, employee blogs and Twitter feeds, and every aspect of your visual communications. Often overlooked touch points include outdoor signage, wayfinding, internal communications (that get publicly distributed), and infrequently updated

Often overlooked touch points include outdoor signage, wayfinding, internal communications (that are publicly distributed), and infrequently updated websites. Even your vendors and strategic partners who interact with your clients affect how your organization is perceived.

Your brand continuity started the moment you opened your doors and won’t end until you close them. You can’t always see the dots that connect your brand with your clients, but they are there. Just ask your clients, they will tell you where they are hidden, often in the smallest of places.

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