April 7, 2016

The Alumni Letters, Part Three

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“You never call, you never write. When you do, it’s only because you want money. And when I send you money, you forget to say thank you.”

Alumni Letters Part Three

Does your college or university have a culture of gratitude?

What’s your process for acknowledging a gift from a donor?

Are small gifts as meaningful to your college as the large gifts?

No matter the size of the gift, you must express your gratitude to your supporters (alumni, friends, and donors), remembering that their gifts are meaningful and their generosity makes a difference.

Small actions speak louder than big words. A thank you note (not a form letter) leaves an impression that will last for years. The most recent impression you make may be the most memorable; as alumni grow older and their potential for giving increases, they will remember the gratitude expressed for their gifts of time, volunteering, and money.

Gratefulness is a sacred trust: your alumni choose to support organizations whose purpose upholds the values they hold most important, and whose mission they believe in.

Alumni entrust you with their values through the donation of time, money, or services. What you do with it, how you hold the trust sacred, how you acknowledge it — sends a message about how meaningful their gift is to your institution. It also sends a message about how meaningful they are as a person.

Remember, above all, to be grateful.

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