Brian Sooy will be speaking at the following leadership, marketing, and communications seminars and workshops.

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Join nonprofit organizations, ministries, and social entrepreneurship, and others working to make a difference at the 2015 Faith, Philanthropy & Change conference. Whether you work in an established national organization, serve in a local ministry, or are thinking about entering the nonprofit sector, this conference is designed for you.

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  • Location Taylor University
  • Date Monday, 08 June 2015

Learn the principles that help organizations communicate their purpose, character, and culture; gain an understanding of how mission driven design can positively impact communications and relationships. Hosted by Lorain County Social LEAP and the SBDC at Lorain County Community College.

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  • Location Lorain County Community College
  • Date Wednesday, 30 April 2014
  • Time 8:00-10:30 am

Learn about mission-driven design and better nonprofit communications at this seminar hosted by the Lakeland Nonprofit and Public Service Center.

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  • Location Nonprofit and Public Service Center at Lakeland Community College
  • Date Tuesday, 10 December 2013
  • Time 8:30-10:30 am

Every day, meaningful causes are trying harder than ever to get noticed, to rise above the noise, inspire change, motivate action, and speak with one voice. Is your cause one of them?

How often are we as designers asked to "create a brand" that must co-exist with, complement, or extend an existing collegiate identity system?

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  • Time 2pm

Individuals who are new to board service, nonprofit staff members, and/or interested community leaders will benefit from these hands-on sessions. Participants will acquire a clear understanding of the fundamentals of "good governance" by engaging in candid back-and-forth dialogue, panel presentations, and case studies presented by some of Lorain County's most experienced and dynamic speakers.

Brand alignment occurs when your brand perception and your student or stakeholder experience aligns. This session will share how low-result, unfocused communications are revitalized through focused positioning, rebranding and relevant media strategies to support higher education initiatives such as development and fundraising, workforce development and student recruitment.

Brian Sooy profiled Second Harvest Food Bank and Team Lorain County through process-framed case studies of branding and nonprofit communications. This presentation highlighted the relevance of continuity to brand awareness and fundraising.

Don't make type an afterthought; it's one of the key components of visual branding. Discover what to consider when choosing font families for branding and communications, what impression type can convey to your audience, how type can be an effective visual differentiator and branding component.

Brian Sooy presented "Branding with Meaning and Marketing on a Shoestring" to the Lorain County Community Foundation Executive Initiative, in collaboration with Karen Sayre (formerly of The Cleveland Foundation) and Beth Maiden (Now CEO of Leadership Lorain County, formerly of the Lorain County Community Foundation).

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