December 10, 2013

Raise Your Voice: 12 Resolutions for Improving Nonprofit Communications

Learn about mission-driven design and better nonprofit communications at this seminar hosted by the Lakeland Nonprofit and Public Service Center.

  • Location: Nonprofit and Public Service Center at Lakeland Community College
  • Date: Tuesday, 10 December 2013
  • Time: 8:30-10:30 am

Raise-Your-Voice-150pxLearn about mission-driven design and communications at this seminar hosted by the Lakeland Nonprofit and Public Service Center.

Every day, meaningful causes are trying to rise above the noise and be heard. Is your voice one of those? Mission-driven design is a framework for understanding how your organization’s purpose, character, and culture help create its unique personality and distinctive voice.

The resolutions in the Cause Communications Manifesto are 12 timeless strategic, inspirational, relational, and aspirational principles for better communications. Together they provide your nonprofit with the foundation for inspiring your audiences and connecting them with your mission and impact.

Participants will gain an awareness of the principles of mission-driven design, and insights into how the Manifesto principles can positively impact their communications and supporter relationships.

This seminar will help executive directors, communication and development directors, board members, grant and program managers, and related nonprofit staff become more effective communicators.

What Attendees Say:

"Attending the Raise Your Voice seminar with Brian Sooy was a valuable investment of my time. Based on the principles found in Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto, I found the information and interactive setting to be thought-provoking, practical and inspiring!  I highly recommend all nonprofit leaders to attend with their teams.  The principles discussed are relevant to the issues of today’s world and inspired me to think of innovative new methods and ideas to communicate effectively with my team, those we serve, and those who support our mission." — Kim Plzak, SBDC Director - Small Business Development Center at Lorain County Community College

"Best program I've attended since I started in the field seven years ago"

"I need to inform my board about the need to make these practices part of our strategic plan"

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