Everyone wins: How to do business with Asia

The Challenge

Newvision Asia, Ltd.'s success as an Asian outsourcing partner grew out of a dream, persistence and an employment opportunity with a company that was sourcing manufacturing to China. With one US-based sales and marketing representative, and the majority of staff in Hong Kong, NewVision Asia approached Aespire for a review and recommendations for its marketing and sales.

The Solution

Working with Newvision Asia president, Chris Folino, and his US Sales and Marketing officer, Bob Folino, Aespire conducted a positioning and brand audit to determine how NVA could tell its story. Click to the image to launch the presentation:

NewVision Asia CD ROM Our diagnostic indicated that One of NVA's key differentiators was NVA's founder, Chris Folino; Logically, the best person to tell NVA's story and support their differentiation would be Chris, who agreed and made arrangements to return from China.

In addition to a new visual identity and business collateral (with bilingual business cards); an introductory brochure and targeted trade advertising, the flagship piece would be an interactive CD-ROM. The centerpiece of the presentation would feature video of Chris, sharing the core reasons of NVA's methodology.

The Results

From the moment Chris says hello in one of several Chinese dialects, to the Asian-industrial music score, viewers are drawn into the world of NewVision Asia. The CD-ROM, in a self-mailing package, has also been repurposed for online viewing.

New Vision Asia CDChris' presence on the CD-ROM not only introduces him to potential US clients; it also creates a sense of familiarity for the client with this individual who will be their representative in Asia.

A key component of NVA's approach to business transactions is that everyone wins. NVA maintains a mix of Western and Asian employees, all of whom are fluent in English and multiple Chinese dialects. With fluency in US and Chinese business practices, NVA builds a bridge of trust between their clients and the Asian vendors.

NewVision Asia continues to experience significant sales growth and increased market awareness as it uses this suite of sales and marketing tools.

Campaign Components


"When I first met with Aespire, I explained that my business could not support a full time marketing staff, nor did I have time to do it myself. I wanted someone to learn my business, develop a marketing plan and create the presentation tools I would need to execute it. To summarize, I got exactly what I hoped for.  I not only have a comprehensive CD presentation but complete new branding for Newvision Asia."

Christopher Folino
Managing Director of Newvision Asia Ltd
Hong Kong