Wayne College Digital Viewbook

The University of Akron Wayne College promotes the student experience and enrollment with a college viewbook that tells their story on an engaging and interactive CD-ROM. 

Client:  Wayne College, The University of Akron
Wayne College is a rural campus, and is a regional branch of the University of Akron.  

Experience it for yourself, view the Wayne College Viewbook CD-ROM online.


Looking for more than a book on a CD-ROM, Wayne College commissioned Aespire to turn their static viewbook into an interactive experience.  

We told the student's stories with embedded video, pop-out testimonials and original background music, composed by Aespire.  The CD is self-running and uses Flash to ensure usability by Macintosh and PC users. Little-known facts were displayed via pop-outs, allowing for many options for exploration within the CD-ROM.*

To enhance the student's experience, the application was cross-purposed for online use, suitable for display via a web site.

*Please note that embedded video and PDF links may no longer work due to file location changes that are outside of our control.

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