Cleveland Foundation Collective Impact Communications

The Cleveland Foundation's strategic philanthropic initiatives are shared with donors and advocates with a series of brochures that also have become the model for other printed communications.

Client Story

strategic philanthropic policy initiaitives design by Sooy+CoLeading a growing trend in philanthropic foundations, The Cleveland Foundation has anticipated Greater Cleveland’s most pressing needs, identifying seven areas which receive a growing percentage of grant dollars for collective impact. Communicating this to stakeholders and grantees is taking place through a series of brochures that summarize these initiatives, and with a frequently-updated hang-tag solution, engage the reader in how they can participate and become part of the narrative.

The project brief had an unusual requirement: the final piece was to be "Beautiful."  The solution included key photographs from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, as well as Cleveland, Ohio area photographers.

And the client's response when we unveiled the design?  "Beautiful!"