CIVA Images of Faith

CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts) collaborated with Aespire to create an interactive application of images and essays centered around contemporary art and faith.  The application debuted at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, and is offered for sale on CD-ROM at the CIVA online store.

CIVA mages of Faith CD packaging

Images of Faith — edited by Sandra Bowden, published by CIVA and made possible by a grant from the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship is a rich interactive experience. It contains 100 images by contemporary artists to be used for projection in teaching, preaching, and devotional purposes by churches, colleges, and seminaries.

The exhibition of images is organized around four themes: Creation/Creator, The Fall, Redemption and the Life of Faith. An index allows a cross-referencing of images through various topics. Each images comes with its own essay as well as biographical and contact information for each artist.

More than a CD-ROM, the exhibition is an Adobe Air application, that installs on the user's computer from the CD-ROM.  Performance is greatly enhanced, and the interactive experience more fulfilling.



CIVA Images of Faith Opening Screen


COVA Images of Faith Gallery