Responsible Care Report

As a leader in the specialty chemicals industry, Lubrizol sets a global example of corporate social responsibility and leadership with its initiatives in environmental sustainability, safety and responsibility.

corporate social reponsible care reportAlthough a corporate citizen, Lubrizol's role in the global community is evident by its leadership in sustainability and social responsibility.

The Lubrizol Responsible Care Progress Report on sustainability and safety was created at a time of transition: a transition of cultures (Lubrizol had recently acquired Noveon), a transition of safety programs, a transition of sustainability programs, and a transition in corporate visual branding.

The solution, through typography, bold colors, a modernist layout and organic design elements, broke new ground for Lubrizol in its visual design.

The outcome is an award-winning piece that establishes clear environmental, sustainability and safety leadership to management, employees, stakeholders and shareholders.

Lubrizol Corporate Responsible Care Environmental and Sustainability Report 


Silver Award in the PIANKO (The Printing Industries Association, Inc., serving Northern Kentucky and Ohio)Print Competition. Category of Newsletters and House Organs Four Colors or More, printed by Great Lakes Integrated.