Julie Chase-Morefield, Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest Food Bank is committed to helping the 1 out of 6 people at-risk for hunger, by gathering and providing resources to hunger-relief agencies serving individuals and families of Crawford, Erie, Huron and Lorain counties.

"By understanding what we do as an organization and the complexity of the issue of hunger. Aespire is not just using a cookie-cutter methodology of 'communications for nonprofits,' but helped us clarify who we are uniquely as an organization, and helped us align our messages with the community.
Second Harvest has worked with Aespire for over 10 years, but over the past two years, during the design and build of our new facility their work for us has achieved an entirely new dimension. Although Aespire had helped us create a recognizable logo and presence, we worked with the Aespire team to bring it from paper to full-color throughout our new facility.
The colors used throughout the building are a reflection of the colors used in our printed materials and our website—orange, blue, red, purple, green and yellow—creating a total experience through wall color, signage and donor recognition. While large corporations may be able to achieve this is, it is rare for non-profits. Aespire helped us open a new chapter for Second Harvest with crisp, vibrant façade that expresses who we want to be now and in the future."

Julie Chase-Morefield, Executive Director