August 23, 2016

Canadian Company Builds a Culture of Success

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Canadian Internet service provider NetAccess Systems models a strong commitment to core values and purpose-inspired mission.

NetAccess Cause Manifesto Core Values Purpose Mission Vision

With a stated goal to be a trusted leader and to empower clients to achieve success through the smart use of technology, NetAccess Systems is committed to following guiding principles that will differentiate it in a competitive marketplace.

NetAccess President Don McNally briefly shared why he found value in the principles of The Cause Manifesto, and is how Raise Your Voice applies to the culture he is creating.

“The analogy I have used with our team is that of soil and seeds.  The Cause Manifesto provides a critical grouping of attitudes and attributes that are a matter of choices we can make each day.  These attributes provide the fertile soil in which the seeds of our core values can grow and thrive.  To the extent that everyone in our organization is intentional about embracing these attributes one by one, to that extent our core values come to life and having meaning.”

Don assured us that he would share more about how his culture is developing in the future.  We are excited to learn and share how NetAccess is embracing the Cause Manifesto principles

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